Undergraduate Transfer

According to Boğaziçi University Undergraduate Regulations, students who have spent at least two semesters (excluding Prep and summer school) and have a GPA of above 1.00 can apply to the Registrar’s Office for transfer to another program within the periods indicated on the academic calendar. Students can only be eligible for application if they have not faced any disciplinary punishment. The statement “a GPA of above 1.00” in the regulations indicates that departments may not accept any GPA below 1.00 for undergraduate transfers. Each department has different undergraduate transfer requirements. However, almost all departments have the GPA requirement and the condition that the grade point average of the courses to be transferred should be 2.5 or above.  If you want to apply for undergraduate transfer, contact your advisor and the Department undergraduate transfer advisor, then choose your courses according to their directions. For articles 5 and 6 in the Undergraduate Education Regulations, which cover undergraduate transfer, click here: http://www.boun.edu.tr/government/rules/lisans_index.htm