N. İpek Hüner Cora

Asst. Prof. Dr. (Vice Chair)
PhD, University of Chicago
+90 212 359 6969
Research Interests: 
Early Modern Ottoman Literature, Ottoman Prose Fiction, Gender, Space

TKL 58B Academic Writing, Editing, and Teaching for MA Students
TKL 201 Research Methods in Turkish Literature
TKL 102 Ottoman Turkish II
TKL 101 Ottoman Turkish I
TKL 48G Islamic Literatures as World Literature
TKL 499 Narratives, Women, and Space in Ottoman Literature (pre-19th century)

Selected Publications: 

"Serial Murder and Honor: Rereading the Story of an Ottoman Murderess." Roundtable Article. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 54(1) (2022):135-140.

“'Isn’t she a Woman?': The 'Widow of Ephesus' in the Ottoman Empire.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies, 79, (2) (2022): 245-260.

Other Activities: